The existence of a company is only justified when its products and services meet the client's needs, do not affect their health or impair the environment.

A factor of paramount importance for sustainable development is the permanent improvement of the activities meant to protect the environment. That is why among the principal objectives of “Argus S.A.”, besides meeting the expectations of the clients in terms of product quality and safety, offering them value for money, meeting deadlines, pollution prevention holds a privileged place.

 Bearing this in mind, we intend to:

•  raise the economic efficiency by planning and by exploiting all the company's resources in order to maintain the quality and the safety of the products we market, at the best price, without affecting the requirements of the Integrated Management Systems (quality, environment and food safety)

•  meet the requirements of the clients, to follow the prescriptions, the obligatory specifications, the legislation in force, including other requirements applicable to our activities and products in relation to the environment.

To attain this level of competitiveness and efficiency, I, General Manager of “S.C. Argus S.A.”, take it upon myself to establish, to obey, to make known and to implement the yearly Policy and the measurable objectives concerning the quality, the environment protection and the food safety. I also promise to provide all necessary resources for the permanent maintenance and improvement of the efficiency of the integrated management systems (quality, environment and food safety), of the company's policies and objectives and to run the management analysis meetings.

In this connection, we will focus on the following issues:

•  maintaining a good level of external and internal communication, capable to provide information regarding the safety of products, which may be useful to other organizations in the food chain;

•  a constant effort to offer our clients, at any time, high quality and safe food products;

•  sustainable development, improved efficiency of integrated management systems (quality, environment and food safety);

•  pollution prevention, avoidance of accidents or incidents related to the environment;

•  establishing responsibilities, motivating and involving the company's staff;

•  training and raising the awareness of staff whose activity may have an impact on the environment, on the quality and safety of the products;

•  permanent improvement of the general performances of the company by: constant improvement of the processes; analysis of the efficiency of the integrated management systems (quality, environment and safety of the products); providing resources; promoting and developing programs for improving the product quality, the protection of environment and the food safety;

•  implementing the integrated policy of the company in conformity with the agreed requirements of the integrated management systems;

•  identifying and keeping under control potential dangers concerning the food safety;

•  meeting the expectations of the clients, obeying the legislation and the regulations, including those of the company itself;

•  reducing the impact of the products on the environment;

•  maintaining the certification and the permanent improvement of the Integrated Management Systems.

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