Environment Protection

Protecting the environment has always been one of the main concerns for the entire staff of Argus SA. Specific requirements and rules are meant to reduce the impact of the company's activity on the environment to the minimum. The requirements result from the implementation of the legislation regarding the food industry and the environment and from the terms and definitions of Standard ISO 14001:2004 as well.

The first certification of compliance with the environment requirements was issued in 2006 and it has been constantly renewed ever since, which is a sign of the company's commitment to meeting the objectives of its own environmental policy.

A number of clear cut principles underpin the activities that might have an impact on the environment. Here are some of these:

  • Raising the awareness of staff and collaborators about the environmental issues
  • Taking into account the environmental law in force and other requirements concerning the protection of the environment whenever the company makes a decision
  • Using competitive, but also ecological technologies and equipment
  • Raising the efficiency of the use of electric energy and fuel, as a form of saving natural and financial resources
  • Pollution prevention by control mechanisms and by introducing pollution preventing practices
  • Reducing the quantity of waste resulting from the company's own activities and turning it to account
  • Reducing the negative impact on the environment of gas or dust emissions and of used water resulting from the company's technological processes and activities
  • Creating win-win relationships with our providers by encouraging them to raise the ecological quality of their products

ARGUS S.A. holds the Environment Certificate no.169/10.05.2010, valid for 10 years. The monitoring of the environment takes into account the requirements imposed by the environment authorities:

  • Indicators of the quality of used water
  • Emissions from the thermal power station
  • Waste management
  • Chemical substance management
  • Planning of solvents' management

To improve the management of technological waste, in conformity with the environmental legislation, the company owns a Technological Waste Deposit, certificate no. 306/20.10.2014.

Also, the company holds shares at “SC ECO-ROM Ambalaje S.A. Bucure ş ti”, together with 12 other companies which produce packaging products or packed products. Activities consist in taking over, in conformity with the Directive no.94/62/CE, the current and future obligations assumed by client companies to turn to account and to recycle waste packaging.

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